I’ve been working on a web application project with a friend of mine and he pointed me to two excellent articles about Character Encoding. He’s very much a mentor and I always appreciate the advice and knowledge gained.

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Adobe CS2 for Free?!

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There’s been quite a bit of buzz about this, and it seems that they aren’t.  I posted this earlier and later I finally found Adobe’s statement on this matter: http://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2013/01/update-on-cs2-and-acrobat-7-activation-servers.html


Adobe is releasing CS2 for free?! It may sound hard to believe, so read this article to learn more:

If you have ever used the Chrome browser’s Sync option, you may want to consider how and when you are using it. It seems that there is a really bad, egregious password security hole. To read more about this find, visit http://blog.edoceo.com/2013/01/stealing-passwords-with-google-chrome.html

Wait… what?

That’s right. Come to discover, the leaders of google (management, corporate officers and board members alike) aren’t very interested in their own product Google+, the newest in social media websites. Sound hard to believe? Have a look at this chart and check out the article linked to it and below it.

Google+ usage by Google Corporate Officers

Google+ usage by Google Corporate Officers


I’ve been helping my buddy with a massive WordPress Network install (I won’t tell you about how he’s using a turnkey linux distro.)

In exchange he let me play with it a little bit and create my own subdomain to test out the functionality and features of hiw WordPress Network install. So I created a massive wordpress blog for all the little things (especially gaming and tech) that I have my hands in. It subscribes to all my Gaming Blogs and Forums Feeds and turns them into posts! Check it out, it’s a really slick concept. Want to know more about it all? Drop me a line sometime or get registered and leave a comment.


It’s chock full o’ technology and game goodness! I promise!

Future AMD

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I found this fascinating. I’ve been a long-standing supporter of AMD, choosing them over the competitor more often than not.


So maybe you think I’m crazy, but I swear to you that I am of absolute sound mind.

Search Engine Optimization is dead! (Well, not really but sort of, bear with me for a moment.)
Long Live Site Engineering Optimization! (Catching on now?)

Whereas SEO has been known to commonly represent the term Search Engine Optimization, I think we need a complete shift in focus and thinking. SEO needs to be shifted over a notch in our lexicons to represent Site Engineering Optimization. I think it would be a great thing for everyone and for the internet as a whole.

I can remember studying web design in the mid 90’s and hearing all the buzz about search engines (when google was still a cute little thing, featured as one of many engines on dogpile.com) and to get a good ranking by optimizing your site for being highly ‘searchable’. As I recall, this brought about an onslaught of people attempting to do whatever they could to beat out the next guy, inclusive of cramming and stuffing keywords everywhere, making versions of a site in pure text loaded with garbage (I believe it is known as “masking”) for the robots only, and many other outlandish measures for being at the top of everyone list. It was like some mad race to be the Miss Muffet highest up on the Tuffet when the search spider came down.

I stood by a simple theory back then, and I have stood by it for quite awhile not. No matter how complex the internet gets, how intense the search algorithms are, or what the current trends are telling you… simply build your site honestly and build it well. It’s all about the Site Engineering Optimization! This, my friend, is what is often referred to as “organic” listing. It’s a beautiful thing and believe me, it’s not that difficult to do.

Granted, Site Engineering is a pretty broad subject that does encompass Search Engine Optimization, but it swallows it whole and is still famished. Site Engineering can look like a beast at first. Things that range from XML and HTML standards, proper use of CSS, JavaScript and Flash usage, can seem overwhelming if you try to take it all in at once. But in small pieces, most anyone can breeze through a simple checklist to make sure that their site is built well and built to get noticed.

People spend ridiculous amounts of money for this stuff, but I know where you can get some really good advice for really cheap! Check out SEO Sorcerer.com for some helpful insights. It’s geared for the more professional developer, but is usable by anyone willing to learn. For a very small charge you can check your website (or websites) against many standards, validations and get tons of helpful suggestions about everything from keywords and spelling to proper use of META tags and DNS configuration.

So I started a new WordPress Blog for the guys at Gaming Samurai to write their own game reviews and articles. I already have two tech blogs, but I’m now running a third. So now that I have my personal tech blog over at Gaming Samurai and my Tech Blog here at WordPress.com I want to add this third blog to my Global Dashboard.

So I search, and I search and I look into API’s and keys and plug-ins and BAH! After a few hours of frustration I say to myself “This has GOT to be easier! What is it that my other two blogs have that this new one doesn’t?”

Then it hit me… Jetpack! Oh yes, I had forgotten to enable Jetpack on my new block. As soon as I did, it appeared in my Global Dashboard and I was able to mark it as “Visible” and it now shows in my WP Admin Bar.

So there you go, get access to all your WordPress blogs in one place!

I had the joy of moving a Teamspeak3 server from a Windows Vista computer to a Gentoo Linux desktop / home server. Interested in knowing how it was accomplished and how easy it can actually be? Check out my post at Zeus’ Tech Corner!

Can we talk about Jargon for a moment?

It is so difficult sometimes to decide if I should tag for ‘Android’ and ‘Development’ or ‘Droid Dev’

I’m a geek. A nerd. A hardcore wannabe binary digital guy (Seriously, I would gladly write binary) and I feel that part of that is the desire to abbreviate. But it seems that it’s all about the algorithm and partial terms. So the “safe bet” seems to be in full, singular words with broad definition.

What do you think?